Project Description

Guide client in setting up an online business
Develop new ecommerce website for a line of exclusive aromatherapy products

Client creates and markets a full line of organic essential oils and botanicals that are used by individuals and alternative health practitioners. The client had no prior experience selling online

We worked with the client to conduct a competitive analysis and to segment the audience for her products. With this understanding we devised a plan to accomplish the agreed objectives. We served as a guide in educating the client in the various facets of setting up and running an online business along with appropriate ecommerce solutions for her needs within a defined budget. We found a designer to create a visual background that would enhance the product presentation and that matched the client’s aesthetic preferences; a user friendly shopping cart that had as a feature a content management system for editorial pages; and a developer to install the cart and integrate it with the design. We helped the client organize content and prepared a navigation plan to maximize both the user experience and search engine visibility. We managed the project from inception to launch.

Client now has an ecommerce platform that will allow her the ability to build a national ecommerce business. A website that does everything the client wanted and at cost that came in under the original estimate.

I hired Alan Hecht of Multi-Channel Marketing to guide me through the ins and outs of creating an online business and to manage the development of a website/shopping cart on a limited budget. He pulled together a team within my price range, and acted as supervisor and troubleshooter. Alan’s extensive knowledge, experience, and ability to educate and guide me through the process from beginning to end were invaluable. You can always count on him to do exactly what he says he will do.
Barbara-Lynn Freed, Owner, Aromatherapy Celebrations!