Project Description

Develop and manage a search engine marketing (new customer acquisition) program for a regional mental healthcare services provider

Client is the leading private provider of mental health services in the North Carolina Triangle area. Their existing web site was outdated, did not serve as an effective lead generator and had very limited search engine visibility. The website did not contain information as to the depth and variety of mental health services offered along with profiles of the company’s staff of psychiatrists, clinicians and other mental health professionals.

After gaining an understanding of the client’s business and the competitive marketplace we designed and developed a new website with a clean, updated look and new content. The site was designed and copy was written to attract and persuade new client prospects – ie: function as an effective lead generator. Once the new site was launched, we instituted and continue to manage an aggressive search engine marketing campaign designed to generate and direct new client prospects to the appropriate office and service.

The new website has experienced consistent growth in unpaid search engine traffic and our marketing efforts have and continue to produce a consistent stream of new clients at an acceptable cost.

We hired Alan Hecht of Multi-Channel Marketing to generate new client leads for us via the internet. He first educated himself substantially about the particulars of my industry in order to achieve better results. He does everything he says he will do, and he has shown a patient diligence with us; guiding us when we need it, deferring to us when appropriate, always treating us as an important client. We now have an ongoing program that is delivering new clients at a highly efficient cost. More recently Mr. Hecht created a new website with increased search engine visibility. He is also analyzing our data and helping us come up with new strategies for business growth. I can state with emphasis that Mr. Hecht has earned his position with us as an important partner in the struggle for prosperity in our market.
Stanley Monroe Esq,. Executive Director, Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare, PLLC