Project Description

Develop a new ecommerce website
Plan and manage a search engine marketing program
Generate/Improve up-sell conversions for a national direct marketer

Client created a new and unique educational program, contained in a series of DVD’s, for families with kids that have behavioral issues affecting their learning ability and interpersonal relationships. They needed a new website that would generate both online and telephone orders. They also wanted to create an up-sell component (The Parental Support Line) that would add additional revenue to the order prior to completing the check-out process.

We sourced an ecommerce development partner to create a customized shopping cart solution for the new site and worked with the client’s creative team to design a website that would compliment and build on their other direct response advertising. Since it takes a longer period of time for a new domain name to gain traction with search engines, we developed and managed a paid search advertising program to start generating online sales and test different keywords and conversion techniques. We also recommended and implemented a variety of creative devices designed to increase up-sells of the Parental Support Line.

The client’s online sales grew rapidly. After implementing and testing a variety of different creative devices designed to increase up-sells we were able to improve up-sell conversions by 33%.

Multi-Channel Marketing developed a website and search engine marketing program that resulted in substantially increased sales and profits of our parenting products. They continue to come up with new ways to increase website conversion and grow our business.
Steve Anderson, President, Legacy Parenting Company