Project Description

Create a new website to acquire new customers (lead generation)
Optimize website (SEO) for increased search engine visibility for a local health insurance agency

The health insurance industry is extremely competitive; all agents sell the same products at the same prices and compete against one another and large insurance providers.   Further, the client’s existing website did not show up on Google and other major search engines for the most important keywords for their business in their specific trading area (e.g. “health insurance chapel hill”, “health insurance durham”, etc.).

After gaining an understanding of the client’s competitive situation and strengths and conducting an analysis of the local marketplace, we came up with a strategy that would differentiate them from their competitors. The centerpiece of this strategy was a new website emphasizing and demonstrating their expertise in helping individuals and groups solve difficult health insurance problems (The Health Insurance Specialists). We developed copy that spoke directly to their target customers needs and created a substantial amount of search engine friendly content to help lift search engine results.

The new website was an effective selling tool from its inception.  Due to the competitiveness of the marketplace it took almost a year, however, to gain top of page 1 positioning on Google for the most important search terms (e.g. – health insurance agent, individual and group heath insurance, etc.). The client’s revenue’s and customer base grew by 15% and they began receiving new out-of-state clients who found them via a web search.

Setting up and monitoring a successful website — is too important to be a do-it-yourself project. My company was fortunate to find Multi-Channel Marketing. We turned it over to them and the results were far beyond our expectations. Our client base has grown and we continue to get positive feedback on our website.
John F. Sipp, CEO, John F. Sipp & Associates