Project Description

Improve existing website performance
Generate greater search engine visibility
Grow their online business without cannibalizing other sales channels for national manufacturer, direct marketer and wholesaler

Client is a leader in the upscale horse tack business and their products are used by the world’s top riders in the major equestrian disciplines (dressage, hunter/jumper, western, etc.). The core product is a technologically superior saddle pad that improves both horse and rider’s performance and comfort. The prior website was focused on their brand image and association with the top riders, but appeared to be missing an opportunity to increase direct online sales while maintaining this image.

After our research we came up a new approach to the website that segmented visitors by their specific riding discipline in order to create more of a “connection” based on their interests. We generated targeted traffic with pay per click advertising and utilized web analytics to track results and measure how changes affected visitor behavior and website conversion activity.  We improved search engine visibility and generated increased traffic by adding new content that resonated with each rider “group.” We fine tuned this with new title tags, headers and copy to reinforce this.  We are also involved in analyzing financial performance to maximize profitability and have become a committed partner in helping this client grow their business.

After months of initial testing the client’s online sales began to accelerate and, with continual refinements and testing, sales have increased by more than 50% annually over the last 2 years.  An illustration of the affect of changing the home page can be seen below where our initial changes to the homepage resulted in an improvement of 46% in the bounce rate (bounce rate = % of visitors who bail out when they arrive at a page).

Multi-channel Marketing was able to take the mystery out of online marketing. What was of great surprise was that many of our assumptions of what was working were wrong. Multi-Channel Marketing was able to show us where and how to make every marketing dollar work better and improve our website´s online performance. Their financial analysis and recommendations have been extremely productive in helping us focus more on our profitability and bottom line. This process included ferreting out the segments that needed the most overhaul and setting to action a plan to help us grow and be more productive.
Elaine Lockhead, Owner, ThinLine Inc