Project Description

Design a new website
Generate search engine visibility (SEO) for local retail jeweler

Client is a prominent jewelry establishment that had seen its growth flatten as local competition increased. The existing website did not enhance the store’s image or address the challenges they faced in restoring their growth and market primacy. Further, the site did not show up on major search engines for such key terms as: diamonds, pearl jewelry, engagement rings, jewelry appraisals, gold and silver jewelry, and so on.

The new site needed to attract and appeal to a somewhat younger audience in addition to reinforcing the the store’s position with existing customers. To achieve this objective, we took into account the look and feel of the actual store experience and its eclectic, yet classic mix of merchandise, to create a website that accurately captured and projected this “attitude.” We developed collection “landing pages” to serve as entry points for people using search engines to find specific jewelry categories and created strong informational content to reinforce the store’s credibility and authority as the leading local jeweler. This content also aided in achieving strong search engine page results.

The new site, along with some cosmetic changes we recommended made to the store itself, received enthusiastic reviews from customers. Within 30 days of the new site’s launch it appeared at the top of Google page 1 results for virtually every key jewelry and jewelry related category. The store’s pre-eminence has been re-established.

For years I resolved to redo our website and never found the time. Multi-Channel Marketing successfully shepherded and cajoled me through the process offering invaluable input and advice throughout. We are very pleased with our new website and it would not exist had we not engaged Multi-Channel Marketing to oversee its creation.
Berkeley Grimball, Grimball Jewelers